About Us

It all started with a day trip in Bern when we decided to share what we love most – This was it!

We want to be involved into a thriving community of online influencer’s who have audiences on every online platform.

Our best ideas come when we have coffee or food, the staples for us.

A perfect day for Miscquad includes:

  • Consuming good food
  • Taking beautiful pictures
  • Travelling together
  • Having fun with eachother
  • Documenting ALL OF IT.


We all have different personalities but the thing we have in common is we have brilliant hearts with creative minds. All working together to create content that is enjoyable for every person!

We try to bring out the best in people and genuinely care. We lift people up and hope it inspires others to do the same.

That’s what it means to be a Miscsquad!